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Bracelet Chrysalis Asteria Ram - CRBT1301

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Bracelet Chrysalis Asteria Ram extensible in brass bathed in rhodium-plated and gold flash.

The bracelet Chrysalis Asteria Aries ignites curiosity and ambition.

The Aries energy has a force not to underestimate. Brave, determined and willing to face any challenge, the Ram is so ambitious and optimistic. A sign of the fire element, the Aries is very curious and lives life to the fullest.

The Collection Chrysalis Asteria

The twelve signs of the Zodiac or constellations arise where the paths of the Sun, Moon, and planets travel across the night sky. Full power in heaven and power are observed for centuries by those who on Earth seek guidance and deep spiritual insight. Use your sun sign or choose one another to symbolize their loved ones, and keep the heavens close by.

Metal: Bronze (Metal Joint)


ColorRose Gold
StonesNo Stones
Mesh Width2mm

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