Payment Methods

  1. The SempreIn has available the following payment methods for online orders:
    1. Payment in Store Ourivesaria Pinhal - This payment method it's only available if the Client chooses the shipping method "Pick up in Store". The Client will have to go to the fisical location of the store, located on Rua Condessa da Junquera 1-A, 2080-069 Almeirim, Santarém, Portugal.
    2. Payment by Bank Transfer - The Client after making payment will have to send proof through email.
    3. Payment by PayPal - By selecting this payment method, the Client will be redirected to the PayPal website to make payment.
    4. Payment by MB reference, Visa/MasterCard, HiPay or HiPay Wallet - In this payment method the Client will be redirected to the HiPay website where will have the option to choose from multiple payment methods, MB reference, Visa or MasterCard, HiPay or HiPay Wallet if you have an account on HiPay Wallet.
    5. Payment by Cash on Delivery - Payment by Cash on Delivery or COD, allows you to make an order and pay only when you receive it in hands. With this payment method appends an additional fee of 5,00€ to the total value of your order, and the Client will be contacted by phone before the order is shipped.
  2. The Client has a deadline of 48 hours to make payment regarding their order, however, in case of the payment choosen is Bank Transfer, the Client should in that same deadline send the proof of payment to SempreIn.
  3. In holidays seasons like Christmas, Valentine's Day and Mother's Day the Client should make payment of the order immediately, to avoid an eventual stock rupture and assure the availability of the products ordered.
  4. If after the Client made an order and has not made payment regarding that same order, by refered in the terms 2 and 3, the SempreIn cannot ensure the availability of the prodcuts ordered.
  5. All the prices include taxes.