Privacy Policy

1. Who collects your personal data and who processes it?

The processing of any data collected by SempreIn is responsability of the company RPinhal Joalheiros, Lda, registered with the nº 504419161, with headquarters on Rua Condessa da Junqueira 1-A, 2080-069 Almeirim, Santarém, Portugal.

2. How we collect your personal data and what data types we collect?

Notice that is not mandatory to provide to SempreIn any personal data that we may ask you, but, in case you don't, we may not be able to provide you with our products or services. Namely, it can stop your order processing or the provision of other services provided by the website, for example the use of the Wishlist, or to respond to mensages of customer support.

The SempreIn may collect your personal data in different ways, namely when you subscribe our newsletter, fill your client form, register a new account on our website to purchase our products, make an order, ask for a refund or contact us through customer support. In these actions we may ask your for some personal data, like your name, date of birth, delivery adress/invoice adress, region/state, country, email, phone number and/or tax identification number.

To provide our users a faster and more personalized service, the SempreIn may use a browser functionality, known by "cookies", that will allow SempreIn to personalize its products, services and website to the users interests and needs. Through this way, we may collect you IP adress, device ID, localization data, aswell as information about your computer and connection like browser version, timezone, types and versions of browser plugins, operative system and purchase history. During your visit on the SempreIn website we may also use software tools to measure and collect informations about your session, including page response times, visit duration, information about your interaction on pages and how you exit them. We may also collect technical information to helo us identify your device to prevent any diagnostic fraud.

3. For what purpose and how we process your personal data?

Your personal data are collected and processed within the scope of the services provided by SempreIn through it's website. Namely, we collect your personal data to:

  • Process your payments, in case you aquire our products, to give you access to you order state, manage your questions and requests, and evaluate or deal with any complaints;
  • To process and answer to your solicitations or to contact you to answer your questions and/or requests;
  • To develop and improve our products, services, communication methods and website functionality;
  • For purposes of any contests or promotions you might have entered;
  • To communicate information, through email, text message and other ways of electronic communication, and to manage your registration and/or subscription of our newsletter or other communications;
  • To manage our daily tasks of business in relation to your participation on our contests, giveaways or promotional activities;
  • To authenticate the identity of individuals that contact us through phone, electronic means or others;
  • To understand and evaluate the interests and needs of the consumers, to improve our wbsite, our products and services, and/or develop new products and services.
  • To provide you with personalized products and information, like personalized advertising and products reccomendations.

With the intent of providing a more complete service to our customers, the SempreIn use third party service partners that perform functions in name of SempreIn, like companies that, host SempreIn's website, process payments, analize data, provide shipping services, whereby your personal data might be used and/or processed by these third parties, strictly related to the services provided by the website. The access to your personal data by third parties is limited, and only being used to satisfy an order, an order delivery or for customer care.

Besides that, those third party entities should process your personal data in compliance with this privacy policy and the applicable law.

Your personal data might be used by SempreIn for internal motives, mainly for comercial and operational reasons.

When we collect and process your personal data for actions described above or other purposes, we will informe before or in the moment we request your data, to obtain your consent when necessary to legitimize the processing of your data.

Regardless of, there might be some cases in which is not your consent that legitimizes the processing of your personal data, but one of the next purposes:

  • When the processing is needed to celebrate a contract with you or to proceed to it's execution (like the processing of data related to the processing of an order);
  • When the processing is needed to comply with the legal obligations that SempreIn is subject to;
  • When the processing is needed to achieve a legitimate interest pursued by SempreIn, in a way that doen't put in risk your interests, rights and freedoms that require the protection of personal data - this legal base will only be used where no less intrusive method is available to process your personal data. We can assure that, if we use the legitimate interest as a base to process your personal data, we will keep a record of this action and you will have the right to ask for that information;
  • When the processing is needed for the purposes of declaration, exercise or defense of a right in a judicial process.

In case a user provide SempreIn third party personal data without proper consent, he will be the only one responsable for any illegal or undue use of that data.

4. How do we keep your personal data secure?

The SempreIn undertakes all possible measures to assure the confindentiality and the safety of your personal data, taking every effort and security measures to protect your personal data of undue use, interference, data loss, unauthorized access, modification or disclosure.

Namely, all the action of selecting and utilize a payment method, aswell as the input of any data for the purpose of and order processing are protected, being all the information encripted and managed with advanced security tools.

Our measures include the implementation of appropriate access controls, in a way to assure that we encript, give a pseudonym and anonymize the personal data whenever possible.

The access to your personal data is only allowed by the terms already described, allways with the need of your knowledge, and subject to strict contractual obligations of confidentiality when processed by a third party.

Although the transmission of data through the a website or the internet can't assure total safety against intrusions, the SempreIn and their service partners provide the best efforts to implement and keep physical safety measures, electronic and procedural destined to protect your personal data compliant with the applicable data protection requirements.

5. For how long do we keep your personal data?

The SempreIn will keep your data only the necessary period of time it needs to fulfill the goal to which the data was collected.

In the case of personal data collected for purposes of unregistered sales, online sales and order shipping, we will keep the data relative to your purchase so that we can comply with the contract celebrated, for a period of ten years, so that we can deal and answer to any complaints or questions regarding the purchase.

In the same way, in case of online or direct marketing, we will keep your personal data for a period of two years after inactivity, with the purpose of continue to improve your customer experience with us, answering to any complaints, questions or worrys that justify, namely the execution of a contract with you, always having your best interests into account.

We keep the identifiable data we collect strictly to specific purposes, for the least possible time period, after that we take measures to delete them definitely.

6. With whom are your personal data shared?

Like was already mentioned on Point #2 of this Privacy Policy, your personal data might by shared with third party suppliers of external services that perform services in name of SempreIn, like companies that host the SempreIn website, process payments, analize data, provide shipping and delivery. Within this scope, your personal data might be shared with the following entities: PTisp, Ponto24, MailChimp, MRW, CTT, CTT Expresso, aswell as some other service providers we may resort to in the future.

7. What are your rights?

While holder of your personal data, you have a set of rights related to your personal data and the way they are processed, these being:

  • Right to Object - The right to object at any time to precessing of your personal data, in the terms of GDPR;
  • Right to be informed - The right to be given concise information, transparent, understandable and of easy access, using a simple and clear language, about the methods we use your personal data;
  • Right of Access - The right to access at all times to your personal data;
  • Right to Rectification - The right to rectificate the inaccurate personal data that may concern you, or complete them in case of incomplete;
  • Right to Restriction of Processing - The right that the personal data holder has to restrict the processing of his personal data, on some terms;
  • Right to Erasure - The right the data holder has to request to the data processing responsable, the erasure of his personal data, with no delay justifiable;
  • Right to Portability - The right to receive the personal data that concern you and that you've provided, in a structured format, of current use and automatic reading, aswell as transmit that data to other responsable by the processing, on some terms.

The holder of the personal data has also the right to open a dispute to the control authority (Comissão Nacional de Proteção de Dados, Rua de São Bento, n.º 148 – 3.º, 1200-821 Lisbon, Tel.: +351 213928400, Fax: +351 213976832, email: about the way we treat your personal information, the right to withdraw your consent (being that, in this case, the right of consent withdrawal doesn't compromise the lawfulness of the processing based on the previously given consent), aswell as the right of not being subject to decision only made based on automated processes that produce legal effects or others meaningful effects.

The right mentioned above might be exercised at any given time through communication directed to RPinhal Joalheiros, Lda., using the contacts mentioned in this Privacy Policy.

8. Contact Details relative to SempreIn

In case of any questions about the present Privacy Policy or the processing and use of your personal data, or if you want to open a dispute about a possible violation of the privacy laws, please contact the responsable of the data processing through the email, or by the adress: Rua Condessa da Junqueira 1-A, 2080-069 Almeirim.

The SempreIn will update the Privacy Policy every time that it may be necessary to reflect the feedback of our customers, the changes to our products and services, aswell as comply with the terms legally imposed.

In case such updates imply a significative change of the present Privacy Policy, the holders of any personal data will be notified and will be asked to consent if needed.

Behond this Privacy Policy, there might be specific campaings or promotions that will be ruled by additional privacy terms or warnings. We incentivize you to read there terms or warnings before participating in such campaings or promotions as you will be obliged to comply with them in case of participation. Any additional privacy terms or warnings will be at your disposal and will comply with the current legislation.