Terms and Conditions

    1. The present document establish the terms and conditions of the web page (and all it's domains). The domain it's property of RPinhal Joalheiros, Lda, a company with fisic adress on Rua Condessa da Junqueira nº 1-A, 2080-069 Almeirim, Santarém, Portugal, also know as Ourivesaria Pinhal, with the tax identification number 504 419 161, registered on Registry Conservatory of Almeirim, with the social capital of 75.000,00€, licensed by the INCM and devoloping the activity of "Jewellery Retailer without Physical Location" through the license number L330009 registered on 24/05/2016, reachable through the phone numbers +351 243592 809 and +351 969 265 616.
    2. Licença INCM
    3. The RPinhal Joalheiros, Lda, henceforth designated by “RPINHAL” reserve the rights to modify at any moment the present terms and conditions to adjust them to the applicable legislation, without the need to notify in advance the users of the website, henceforth designated by “CLIENT”.
    4. RPinhal also reserves the right to modify at any time, without previous warning, the presentation and the content of the website and its services. Those modifications will be made to improve the website, improving simultaneously the services offered to the client. Either navigating through the website and its subdomains, as the purchase of any product, assumes the acceptance of the terms and conditons present on this page.
    1. The RPinhal is not responsible of any damage caused to the clients for using the internet connection, resulting of interference, external intrusions, interruptions, anomalys provoked by virus, service ruptures, malfunction or disconnection of the informatic system or any other case of bigger force.
    2. The RPinhal declines any responsability of any damage caused to the client using the products aquired through the webpage.
    1. To facilitate the Client when making an order, the products are gouped and displayed by categories. These categories and identified on the upper menu of the website. By choosing one of the categories, the Client will have access to several subcategories aswell to featured products.
    2. To make an order through the website, the Client should add the desired product to the shopping cart. After that and to finalize the order, the Client should click on the shopping cart, on the right upper corner of the page and then click on "Order" or, as an alternative, when adding a product to the cart, clicking on "Order". You will then be redirected to the order processing page where the client should follow the steps present to finalize the order:
      1. Resume - The Client should review the products that want to order, use any discount code in his possession and the continue to shop or move to the next step.
      2. Login / Register - If the Client hasn't yet registered, it will be asked to create an account by filling a form, or if the Client has already an account it will be asked to login, if the Client is logged in it can move to the step 3.
      3. Adress – The Client should choose or fill the shipping and billing adress, which can be different. The Client can also add a note to the order on this step, after that can continue to the next step.
      4. Shipping – The Client should choose the shipping option that he wants and should agree to the Terms and Conditions in order to finalize the order.
      5. Payment – The Client should check the amount to pay, which included the shipping fees, if applied, and should choose the payment method to finalize the order.
    3. After making an order the Client will receive an automatic confirmation email of your order.
    4. The SempreIn only processes an order after receiving confirmation of the payment.
    5. All product found on the site are available to order and ship, except those that are marked on the product page. However, if the SempreIn verify that for some reason the product isn't available, it will inform the Client immediately, giving the choice to resolve the contract and ask for a refund or if maintains interested in the order and awaits for the time that SempreIn informs.
    1. The SempreIn has available the following payment methods for online orders:
      1. Payment in Store Ourivesaria Pinhal - This payment method it's only available if the Client chooses the shipping method "Pick up in Store". The Client will have to go to the fisical location of the store, located on Rua Condessa da Junquera 1-A, 2080-069 Almeirim, Santarém, Portugal.
      2. Payment by Bank Transfer - The Client after making payment will have to send proof through email.
      3. Payment by PayPal - By selecting this payment method, the Client will be redirected to the PayPal website to make payment.
      4. Payment by MB reference, Visa/MasterCard, HiPay or HiPay Wallet - In this payment method the Client will be redirected to the HiPay website where will have the option to choose from multiple payment methods, MB reference, Visa or MasterCard, HiPay or HiPay Wallet if you have an account on HiPay Wallet.
      5. Payment by Cash on Delivery - Payment by Cash on Delivery or COD, allows you to make an order and pay only when you receive it in hands. With this payment method appends an additional fee of 5,00€ to the total value of your order, and the Client will be contacted by phone before the order is shipped.
    2. The Client has a deadline of 48 hours to make payment regarding their order, however, in case of the payment choosen is Bank Transfer, the Client should in that same deadline send the proof of payment to SempreIn.
    3. In holidays seasons like Christmas, Valentine's Day and Mother's Day the Client should make payment of the order immediately, to avoid an eventual stock rupture and assure the availability of the products ordered.
    4. If after the Client made an order and has not made payment regarding that same order, by refered in the terms 2 and 3, the SempreIn cannot ensure the availability of the prodcuts ordered.
    5. All the prices include taxes.
    1. The SempreIn only ships on business days. For an estimate of the shipping time is taken into account weekends and holidays.
    2. After the payment of an order, SempreIn will ship the order within 2 business days. To this time frame is added the time of transport of the shipping method choosen by the Client.
    3. For ARTIGOS COM ENTREGA DEMORADA (os artigos abrangidos estão devidamente assinalados), a SempreIn aplica ao prazo normal de preparação da encomenda de 2 dias (referido no ponto acima) mais 3 a 5 dias úteis, devido aos produtos necessitarem de atenção especial, seja por personalização ou tamanho indisponível, salvo ruptura de stock, que caso aconteça o cliente será contactado o mais brevemente possível pela SempreIn.
    4. For ARTIGOS POR ECOMENDA (os artigos abrangidos estão devidamente assinalados), a SempreIn aplica ao prazo normal de preparação da ecomenda de 2 dias (referido no ponto nº 2), um máximo de até 20 dias para preparação da ecomenda, porque os artigos abrangidos por esta condição têm de ser fabricados de acordo com as especificações escolhidas pelo cliente, salvo ruptura de matéria prima no fabricante ou qualquer situação alheia do controlo da SempreIn, que caso se verifique, o cliente será contactado o mais brevemente possível pela SempreIn.
    5. The SempreIn isn't responsible for any retention or customs taxes on any order, having the Client the responsability to know if the order might be retained or be taxed by customs on the arrival country.
    6. The SempreIn declines any responsability for any delay or impossibility of processing or delievering an order, due to error or insufficient data provided by the Client.
    7. The risk of lost or damage is transferred to the Client with the delivery of the order.
    8. Shipping methods available:
      1. Pick up in Store Ourivesaria Pinhal - in the fisical location of RPinhal (Ourivesaria Pinhal).
      2. Registered Mail – Registered and tracked mail delivered by CTT.
      3. MRW Urgent Mail – Delivery on the next business day, for orders made up to 10.00h A.M. in Portugal.
      4. Express Mail – National Express Mail for Portugal - Delivery on the next business day until 7.00h P.M., by CTT Expresso. For Islands consult point 5 and table below.
    9. The shipping costs are responsability of the Client and adds to the total values of the products in cart.
    10. If order total is below 35,00€

      Pick up in Store Ourivesaria Pinhal
      Continental Portugalgrátis
      Madeira and Açores Islandsfree
      Registered Mail
      Continental Portugal4,00 €
      Madeira and Açores Islands4,00 €
      European Union7,95 €
      Rest of the World14,95 €
      MRW Urgent Mail
      Continental Portugal6,00 €
      Express Mail
      Continental Portugal10,00 €
      Madeira and Açores Islands20,00 €

      If order total is between 30,00€ and 100,00€

      Pick up in Store Ourivesaria Pinhal
      Continental Portugalfree
      Ilhas da Madeira e Açoresfree
      CTT Registered Mail
      Continental Portugalfree
      Madeira and Açores Islandsfree
      European Union4,95 €
      Rest of the World14,95 €
      MRW Urgent Mail
      Continental Portugal6,00 €
      Express Mail
      Continental Portugal10,00 €
      Madeira and Açores Islands20,00 €

      If order total is over 100,00€

      Pick up in Store Ourivesaria Pinhal
      Continental Portugalfree
      Madeira and Açores Islandsfree
      CTT Registered Mail
      Continental Portugalfree
      Madeira and Açores Islandsfree
      European Unionfree
      Rest of the Worldfree
      MRW Urgent Mail
      Continental Portugal6,00 €
      Express Mail
      Continental Portugal10,00 €
      Madeira and Açores Islands20,00 €
    1. The Client has 14 days after fisically acquiring the items, or the last item, in caso of severall items ordered in the same order but shipped on different schedules, to ask for a return of his order, with no need to identify the motive of the return, in accordance with the article 10th and following of the Law Decree nº 24/2014, of 14/02.
    2. The Client can ask for a return if the item is in the same conditions when it was sold, with no signs of use, with the original package and accompanied with all the acessories it came with.
    3. To ask for a return SempreIn has available an "Order Return Form", that has to be sent to SempreIn within 14 days like it was mentioned on point 1. (Download Order Return Form)
    4. It's up to the Client to support any shipping costs related with a return of an item.
    5. The refund of the purchase value will be done after the validation and compliance with the conditions mentioned before. SempreIn will have 14 days do complete the refund.
    6. Any refund will be made through the same payment method that the Client has used to place the order in the first instance or by bank transfer, in case the payment method doesn't allow it.
    7. The SempreIn does not accept any return of custom or personalized products made by the Client, like predicted on the 17.º nº 1 item c) of the Law Decree nº 24/2014, of 14/02.
    8. In case the Client wants to exchange a product, it can be done, in compliance with the returns terms mentioned before, however, the Client should contact SempreIn and ask for a credid slip and do without the refund value of the product(s).
    1. The products acquired by the Client within the scope of the present Conditions have a warranty, never under 2 years, by the terms specified on Law Decree nº 67/2003, of april 8, altered be theLaw Decree 84/2008, on may 21.
    2. In case the Client communicates to SempreIn any fault within the scope of the warranty of the product, the item will be sent to the brand's technical assistence.
    1. The Client can present their complaints to RPinhal through the email adress
    1. The company RPinhal respects the privacy of all clients that use the website and commits itself to protect the personal information of every Client shared with RPinhal. However when necessary the collection of personal information for the use of services or when each Client decides to share some personal information, the use of that information and data will be done complying with the data protection law, in a way to keep assured the confidentiality and safety of the personal informations provided by the Client.
    2. In the scope of the Clients data management, the personal information of this will be transmitted to third party shipping companies, having the only and final purpose, the satisfaction of the Client by delirering the order that the Client made on the SempreIn website.
    3. The Client consents the use of it's personal information by the terms referred above, as this is the only way possible to celebrate the contract with RPinhal in accordance with the present General Conditions. However, the Client has, in the terms of the law, the right to access, modify and delete any data provided, being able to so personally or by writting to the adress present on the homepage of the website.
    4. This website uses Google Analytics, a service provided by Google, Inc. ("Google"). The Google Analitics provides RPinhal statistic reports and metrics of how the visitors use the SempreIn website, and for that, Google Analytics uses it's own and third party cookies. The information on those cookies is transmited and saved by Google in it's servers. The SempreIn website uses Google Analytics with the Demographics and Interests fuctionalities activated for a better understanding of it's visitors. To know more about how that information is used you can click here. Google might use the collected data to personalize ads on it's own ad network. Your IP adress will not be associated with any personal information saved by Google. If you don't want your information being collected by Google Analytics you can install a plugin on your browser here. For more information about Google Analytics click here.
    5. Cookies:
      • During a visit of the Client to the SempreIn website, this uses encrypted cookies to save information about your visit.
      • Data saved during a clients visit:
      • CookieDescription
        date_addThe date and time that the cookie was created (in the format AAAA-MM-DD HH:MM:SS).
        id_langThe language selected.
        id_currencyThe currency selected.
        last_visited_ categoryThe last category visited on the product listings.
        ajax_blockcart_ displayConfiguration of the cart block.
        viewedThe products recently viewed in form of a comma separated list.
        id_wishlistThe list shown on the wishlist block.
        checkedTOSGeneral Conditions box was ticked (1 if yes and 0 if no).
        id_guestIdentification of the visitor when is not registered.
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        id_customerIdentification of the visitor when registered.
        customer_ lastnameThe last name of the client.
        customer_ firstnameThe first name of the client.
        loggedIf the client if connected.
        passwdThe clients' password to login.
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        The clients can deactivate the cookies through their browser settings.

  10. PROOF
    1. Both parties agree that the records saved in the RPinhal's servers, make proof of the communications, orders and payments done between both parties.
    1. In case of litigation the consumer may resort to an Alternative Entity of Consumer Disputes: CNIACC - Centro Nacional de Informação e Arbitragem de Consumo -
    2. More info on Consumer Portal -
    1. The applicable law to any contractual relationship established with the SempreIn website if the portuguese law.
    2. To settle every and any emergent litigation of any contract celebrated by these general conditions, will be competent by the County Court of Santarém, with express renounce of any other.